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The BEN Collaborative is composed of the following professional societies and coalitions for biology education. In the list below, the collaborator links are to their society or organization page. Some collaborators have a second link and this link is to their digital library or their education materials.

AAA American Association of Anatomists
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
ABLE Association for Biology Laboratory Education
AIBS American Institute for Biological Sciences
APS American Physiological Society
APS Archive of Teaching Resources
APS American Phytopathological Society
APSnet Education Center
ASCB American Society for Cell Biology
ASHG American Society of Human Genetics
ASM American Society for Microbiology
ASM-ML2 American Society for Microbiology v2.0
MicrobeLibrary v2.0
ASPB American Society of Plant Biologists
BCC BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium
BI The Biotechnology Institute
Bio-Link Bio-Link (the NSF Advanced Technological Education Center for Biotechnology)
BSA Botanical Society of America
Online Image Collection
DNALC Dolan DNA Learning Center
EDL Entomological Foundation
ESA Ecological Society of America
ESA2 Ecological Society of America
FUN Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience
The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education
GSA Genetics Society of America
HAPS Human Anatomy and Physiology Society
HHMI Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Cool Science
MBL/MSU Microbial Life
MSMR Massachusetts Society for Medical Research
NHM-AE National Health Museum-Access Excellence
NWABR Northwest Association for Biomedical Research
PhySoc The Physiological Society
Science Science Collections
SDB Society for Developmental Biology
SICB Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
SOT Society of Toxicology
STKE STKE/Science Signaling
VIDA Video and Image Data Access


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