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2008 Presentations

Note:  PPT = Microsoft PowerPoint file

Collections Development & Management: Resources, Rights & Harvesting  (Melinda Lowy, Kelly Gull, Eileen McIlvain, 2008) [PPT]

Factors in Encouraging the Use of Digital Learning Materials  (Flora McMartin and Alan Wolf, 2008) [PPT]

Leadership and Outreach  (Amy L. Chang, 2008) [PPT]

The BEN Digital Library Portal Overview  (2008) [PPT]

Using BEN: What Did You Find?  (Amy Chang, 2008) [PPT]

Using NSDL  (Eileen McIlvain, 2008) [PPT]

Presentations Prior to 2008

BEN Scholars Program & Institute & the Biological Sciences Pathway  (Yolanda S. George) [PPT]

Student-Centered Learning I: Inquiry, Interactive Lecture, & Authentic Assessment  (Marsha Lakes Matyas) [PPT]

Student Learning II: Case Studies, Problem-Based Learning, and the 3 P's  (Ben Scholars Institute, 2006) [PPT]

Using Technology to Enhance Student Learning: Uses, Impact & Next Wave [PPT]

NSDL: A Tool for Teaching and Learning   (Eileen McIlvain, 2006)[PPT]

How Faculty Use NSDL  (Michael Khoo, 2006) [PPT]

Leadership and Outreach  (Amy L. Chang) [PPT]

Talk It Up! Developing Outreach Strategies for Your Digital Resources, BEN & NSDL  (Sarah Giersch) [PPT]

Developing Student Quantitative Knowledge and Skills  (David Joiner) [WORD doc]

BEN Scholars Program Wrap Up (Yolanda S. George) [PPT]