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In 2006, the BEN Collaborative expanded to include high school education because there are significant educational commonalities between undergraduate and high school levels. Although initially focused on biological sciences undergraduate education, most of the BEN Collaborators previously planned their digital libraries to include high school and higher education resources and have professional development programs at multiple levels.

BEN resources have been reviewed by the individual societies for standards of quality and accuracy. Although each BEN collaborator has unique review criteria, overall you will find resources that are scientifically accurate and educationally sound. Using BEN, you can easily conduct interdisciplinary searches across the diverse biological sciences topics covered by the BEN Collaborators.

Currently, the BEN portal provides you with an extended set of search parameters to support more productive searching. Using the browse options to your left, you can view the titles of resources by subject, resource type, and audience level. Use basic search and select an audience level to see resources for a specific grade level. Select free only to eliminate resources that are not free in your search results. Using advanced search, search on a title or an author and other information you know to focus your search results. More about Using BEN. . .

The BEN Collaborative overall mission is not only to provide seamless access to e-resources but to serve as a catalyst for strengthening teaching and learning in the biological sciences. Visit the teaching strategies page for information on how to bring your science lessons alive, making activities more interactive, and ways to incorporate project based learning into your classroom.

Do you have a really exciting and effective lesson or strategy? Share it with the community. You are invited to participate in the development of the BEN Collaborative through the contribution of teaching resources.



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