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Multiple-Format Sessions for Teaching Endocrine Physiology

The University of Kentucky medical curriculum was revised in 1994 to implement a more interactive approach. The Endocrine Physiology section of the new physiology course, Human Function, was modified from its former daily lecture and weekly laboratory format to eight daily 3½-h sessions. Each session is composed of four components: a didactic lecture, a whole class discussion session, a quiz, and a patient presentation. These components are presented in a staggered format over the course of 2 days, i.e., the lecture is presented on the first day, and the remaining three components take place on the second day. This allows students to assimilate the new lecture material before participating in the discussion session, quiz, and patient presentation, which are more interactive. This format has been received favorably by the students because of its variety, and it is easier to keep up with the material.

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