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MICROBIOLOGY: Enhanced: Fighting Anthrax with a Mutant Toxin

Access to the article is free, however registration and sign-in are required: There is an urgent need to develop new therapeutics against the microbe causing anthrax, which has the potential to be used in biological warfare. In their Perspective, Olsnes and Wesche discuss a new therapeutic approach designed by Sellman and colleagues. In this approach, a mutant subunit of the toxin prevents correct assembly of wild-type subunits into a pore in the host cell membrane. In this way, lethal bacterial enzymes are prevented from translocating into the host cell.

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Resource Type: Diagram, Journal article/Issue, Review
Audience Level: High school upper division 11-12, Undergraduate lower division 13-14, Undergraduate upper division 15-16, Graduate

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Authors and Editors: Sjur Olsnes of Department of Biochemistry, Institute for Cancer Research, Jørgen Wesche of Department of Biochemistry, Institute for Cancer Research
Publisher: AAAS
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