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EB 2009 Careers Symposium- Rising and Surviving: Elucidating Tenure and Promotion in Multiple Career Paths

The tenure and promotion process in both academia and industry are of crucial importance for career development, and cause intense stress among early career investigators in both settings. Yet many are confused and overwhelmed by these issues and at a loss where to find the critical information they require. The goal of this symposium is to elucidate these issues as they apply in several settings including medical schools, universities, colleges, industry, government, and the military. The target audience is early career investigators in these settings as well as graduate students and postdoctoral fellows seeking information on the career development process in different career paths. Specific issues that will be addressed include publicized vs. unpublicized expectations, the changing face of tenure, transparency of the promotion process, advice speakers wish someone told them.

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Resource Type: Digital Presentation (Powerpoint), Video, Meeting Presentation
Audience Level: Graduate, Professional (degree program), Informal Education, Continuing Education

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Authors and Editors: PhD Richard Klabunde of Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, PhD Marian R. Walters of Tulane University Medical School Dept. of Physiology, PhD Lois Geist of University of Iowa Medicine
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