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EB 2008 Refresher Course - Respiratory Physiology

Respiratory physiology has many concepts that can be quite challenging for first year students, which makes teaching this topic very demanding. This refresher course brings together instructors who have numerous years of experience teaching respiratory physiology to first year medical students. Their knowledge and experience will benefit instructors assigned to teach respiratory physiology, from the newly appointed to the seasoned veteran. Although the target audience for this refresher course is instructors teaching respiratory physiology, it can also benefit those interested in a better understanding of the topic. Three of the most fundamental aspects of respiratory physiology will be covered in this refresher course, including: Mechanics of Breathing (JB West), Alveolar Ventilation/Diffusion of Gases (SE DiCarlo), and Ventilation/Perfusion Matching (RW Glenny). The last topic, Cardiopulmonary Integration (MG Levitzky), will provide an example of integrating physiological concepts across different organs systems. Physiology is an integrated science, and showing students the interplay of different organ systems is a vital part of their medical education.

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Resource Type: Digital Presentation (Powerpoint), Video, Meeting Presentation
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Authors and Editors: Michael G. Levitzky of Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Physiology, Robb W Glenny of University of Washington Medicine and Physiology and Biophysics, Stephen E. DiCarlo of Wayne State University School of Medicine Physiology, MD/PhD John B. West of Univ. of California, PhD L Britt Wilson of San Diego School of Medicine Department of Medicine
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