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EB 2012 Trainee Symposium on E-Media Tools for the Professional Scientist

The purpose of this session will be to highlight new technologies for the professional physiologist. Our speakers come from diverse backgrounds and will highlight many new, exciting technologies in locating funding, teaching, online science communication, and communication with social media. Christopher Dant, PhD is a faculty instructor at Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center and he currently works with investigators in developing grant proposals and programmatic initiatives as well as educating faculty in grant and manuscript writing skills. Aaron Bunker, PhD is an assistant professor at Morningside College in Iowa where he teaches Physiology, Histology, Medical Terminology and more with the complement of an online “virtual classroom” called Moodle. Kristy Meyer is the social media manager for Sigma Life Science and works to develop online materials suitable for social media communications from Sigma Life Science to the science community it serves. Natalie Brown is an online marketing professional who will touch on some of the ethical implications of social media including: scientific ghostwriting for Facebook, Twitter or blogs, getting paid for science writing in the social media, as well as some of the ethical implications to consider when putting your work online.

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Authors and Editors: Kassie M Obelleiro of University of California, Aaron Bunker of Davis, Kristy Meyer of Morningside College, Natalie Brown of Sigma-Aldrich
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