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Go With Your Gut!-2014 APS Video Contest

This video demonstrates the basic attributes of Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and explains the influence of the enteric nervous system (ENS) on the gastrointestinal tract. Sam is being treated to a free meal for his 21st birthday. After eating as much pizza as possible, Sam wakes up the next morning feeling sick. Will teaches Sam about the ENS and why he may be feeling ill. Will explains that the thought of food activates the ENS to prepare the body for digestion by secreting hormones like ghrelin, an appetite stimulant. When food enters the stomach, mechanoreceptors are activated to accommodate digestion. Sam was feeling ill because ingesting lots of fat from foods like pizza, requires some extra steps in digestion and slower gastric motility. Later, Sam is reminded that he is late for his date. During the date, Sam was still feeling unwell and expressed his concern for a burning sensation in his throat. Bhanu speculates that Sam may be experiencing symptoms associated with GERD. Bhanu explains that Sam’s symptoms are due to his lower esophageal sphincter failing to close completely, allowing acid from the stomach to enter the esophagus. Bhanu suggests that Sam takes antacids to alleviate his symptoms by neutralizing hydrochloric acid buildup. Once again, Sam is reminded that he is late – this time for his physiology exam. At the exam, Sam was feeling nervous. Will further explains the impact of the autonomic nervous system on the gastrointestinal tract, calming Sam down just before taking the big test.

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Resource Type: Video
Audience Level: High School lower division (Grades 9-10), High School upper division (Grades 11-12), Undergraduate lower division (Grades 13-14), Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16), General Public

Author and Copyright

Authors and Editors: Samrath Singh of Michigan State Unversity Dept. of Physiology, Will Kim of Michigan State University Dept. of Physiology, Bhanu Swamy of Michigan State University Dept. of Physiology, Etiowo Usoro of Michigan State University Dept. of Physiology
Publisher: Michigan State Unversity Dept. of Physiology
Format: text/html
Copyright and other restrictions: No
Cost: No


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