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EB 2014 Mentoring Symposium - Ahead of the Curve: Taking the Lead

Despite decades of study that have included more than one million work teams and interviews with the most admired leaders in the world and their followers, leadership remains an elusive phenomenon that everyone yearns for. Unfortunately, the most fundamental and natural laws of leadership are not well defined. Leadership is a critical skill set for scientists at every stage of their career from those still in training through senior faculty, but there are some unique challenges that are associated with demonstrating leadership in the scientific community. Because science involves the sharing of ideas and cross-discipline collaborations, leadership must involve interdependence and interaction among traditional leaders and followers. Additionally, the process by which a scientist is evaluated is often constrained to publications and curriculum vitae, preventing a complete evaluation of one’s leadership qualities. The Women in Physiology Mentoring Symposium for EB2014 focuses on: defining why leadership skills are important (why do we as scientists need leadership skills?), how to obtain those skills (how do you recognize and create opportunities to gain leadership experience?), and how to highlight and demonstrate those skills on your CV or social media sites (how do you build a portfolio of accomplishment?). To address these issues during this symposium, we have selected speakers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in Academic and Clinical positions.

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