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Enhanced: Turning on a Dime

Access to the article is free, however registration and sign-in are required: Insects are considered the masters of unconventional lift during flight. In their Perspective, Müller and Lentink discuss the discovery that birds, too, can produce unconventional lift. Apparently, swifts use their wings to generate a so-called leading-edge vortex to produce the lift they need to fly very fast and execute the tight turns that enable them to capture their insect prey (Videler et al.).

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Resource Type: Journal article/Issue, Review, Diagram
Audience Level: Undergraduate lower division 13-14, Undergraduate upper division 15-16

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Authors and Editors: Ulrike K. Müller of Department of Experimental Zoology, Wageningen University, David Lentink of Department of Experimental Zoology, Wageningen University
Publisher: AAAS
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