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Synthetic Biology: Planning for a Secure Future

Synthetic biology (synbio) is an emerging field at the intersection of biology and engineering with the potential to no less than revolutionize the way we view and work with biotechnology today. By applying the toolbox of engineering disciplines to biology, an entirely new set of applications becomes possible. Potential benefits of synthetic biology include the development of low-cost drugs and the production of chemicals and energy by engineered bacteria. Nonetheless, potential and perceived risks due to deliberate or accidental damage are cause for concern. To ensure the vital and successful development of this new scientific field, it is necessary to be aware of these risks and devise possible biosafety strategies to minimize them.

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Resource Type: Non-journal article
Audience Level: High school lower division 9-10, High school upper division 11-12, Undergraduate lower division 13-14

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Authors and Editors: Markus Schmidt of Biosafety Working Group
Publisher: American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)
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