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The Science and Ethics of HIV Vaccine Research – Lesson Six: Culminating Assessments

This is the sixth lesson in the six-lesson curriculum “The Science and Ethics of HIV Vaccine Research,” developed by NWABR. In this lesson, three different culminating assessments are offered. The first option is an individual essay, in which students combine the paragraphs they have written for homework over the course of the unit into one essay. Two handouts accompany the individual essay option: a framework for the student to use in writing his or her essay, and a grading rubric for both teachers and students to use. In the second assessment option, students complete a ‘Research Proposal’ in small groups, and present the proposal to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) – either their classmates or other reviewers. The IRB will recommend the best proposal using the criteria for evaluation. Two handouts accompany the research proposal option: a guide to help student groups create a fundable research proposal, and a presentation/grading rubric for both teachers and students to use. The third assessment option, working either individually or as a group, students review a mock research proposal seeking to gain IRB approval. The IRB evaluates whether or not the research proposed should proceed. Four handouts accompany the mock IRB approval option: a guide with questions to help students review the provided research proposal; a mock research proposal; a grading rubric for both teachers and students to use, and an answer key for assessing student responses to the questions posed to help students review the provided research proposal.

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Resource Type: Assessment: exam with answer key
Audience Level: High School lower division (Grades 9-10), High School upper division (Grades 11-12), Undergraduate lower division (Grades 13-14)

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