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This activity is intended to have students understand cancer not only from a biological aspect but from the view of a patient. In class, we do not have enough time to cover every cancer in detail. However, this activity, which spans the entire semester, will allow each student to research one cancer in depth in terms of symptoms, risk factors, treatments and outcomes. In this activity, students are "given" symptoms of a particular cancer and a subsequent diagnosis. They are then asked to research their particular symptoms, type of cancer, and treatment regimens from a variety of sources, including journal articles, textbooks, as well as any other reference available. Students are then asked to make decisions about what treatment they would choose and whether their own insurance would cover such treatment. They also "flip a coin" to determine the efficacy of their treatments and roll a multi-sided dice to determine the final cure/mortality outcome. Students maintain journals of their activity and are graded for accuracy of research and completion of objectives.

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Resource Type: Assignment/Activity (Non-Laboratory/Non-Hands on Activity)
Audience Level: Undergraduate upper division (Grades 15-16), Graduate, Professional (degree program)

Author and Copyright

Authors and Editors: Kelly Wentz-Hunter of Roosevelt University Biological
Publisher: Roosevelt University Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sciences
Copyright and other restrictions: No
Cost: No


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