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Genetic Scenarios and Toothpickase

This unit is a modification of one written by Edward Kloza and Paula Haddow, published by GENESYStems and funded in part by the Foundation for Blood Research. The unit is a series of soap opera type scenarios that present various genetic defects as they are discovered in a make believe family. As each defect is discovered it is discussed and the pertinent information about that defect is given. The characters soon took on a life of their own. They moved to Texas, went to UT, and developed a whole new set of disorders and problems. As I moved into my next unit, the human genome, I found they came along. It seemed that no matter what we were discussing it could be tied into this family in some way. Toothpickase is an activity in which one member of a pair of students, the enzyme toothpickase, is blindfolded and asked to break toothpicks while the other team member records results. Reaction rates, substrate concentration, allosteric inhibition can all be modeled.

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Resource Type: Teaching strategies & guidelines, Assignment/Activity (non-laboratory)
Audience Level: High school lower division 9-10, High school upper division 11-12

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